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Today I want to jump right in and talk about this new blog I came across. The author goes by the name of Pinkspen and the name of the blog is LADYHOOD. LADYHOOD advocates self-love, peace and equality for all women. The reason I love this blog so much is because if anyone knows me, I am one for all of us to unify and help one another instead of berate and bully each other. As Pinkspen introduces herself and gives the run down of what her intentions with her writing are, she also establishes that she wants to first and foremost be a mentor to women who would seek her advice.

“Talking to a stranger, someone who does not know you (a mentor), can reveal those inadequacies that those closest to you, cannot. I want to be that mentor for you!” Pinkspen said in her blog.

That passage really resonated with me as I have found out multiple times in my life that once I open up to someone else and express whatever emotions or difficulties I may be feeling. Albeit it being hard, I still feel relieved after venting and talking out what I am thinking, rather than keeping it all bottled up.


The blog post that originally caught my eye was her entry titled “It’s Not a Choice…” This article was vocalizing the issues members of the LGBTQIA+ community feel in their upbringing, and recent historic events that have taken place.

She starts the post expressing on how it would be insane for one to wish to receive the trials and tribulations one does for being apart of this community. If you have read my blog before you know very well I resonate with that ideology. Although I am glad someone outside of the community, Pinkspen identifying as heterosexual, is vocalizing the issues.

Throughout her article she provides statistics and links to other sources that further share her ideology of equality and acceptance. I just wanted to give an appreciation post to Pinkspen and I found that bit of work refreshing.

Make sure you check out the rest of Pinkspen’s blog where you can find her social media, and follow her blog for more updates!


2 thoughts on “An Ode to LADYHOOD

  1. Listen!!!!!! You don’t know how elated I am that you have shared my post, my thoughts, my dreams!!!! #equalitymeansequality and I stand by that! Thank you so much for feeling the importance of this post!!!!! I greatly appreicate you, and i am honored!

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